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Helping to get you safely onto the water.

Welcome To Seafun

Through our small, supportive classes we aim to help you achieve the standard required to obtain the licence you desire.

Our aim is, at course completion, you understand the maritime rules and have confidence to operate safely on the water.

Yes, it is a test of your knowledge and skills but we understand everyone learns at a different pace.

Find Your Course

Boat Licence

In Queensland, you must have a RMDL to drive any boat that
has an engine power greater that 6hp or (4.5w).

Jet Ski Licence

In Queensland, to drive a personal watercraft or jet ski you must have a Recreational Marine Drivers Licence (RMDL) AND a Personal Watercraft Licence (PWCL).

Combo Jet Ski
& Boat Licence

If you are looking to do PWCL (Jetski) licence but do NOT already have your RMDL then we recommended the combined package of RMDL and PWCL.

Marine Radio
Operator Certificate

In an emergency the MOST vital link between the rescuers and the rescued is radio communication.

Australian Sailing
Power Boat Handling

Australian Sailing course designed to improve your boat handling skills. A prerequisite for becoming a Safety Boat Operator.

Australian Sailing
Safety Boat Operator

This one-day course is designed to improve your boat handling skills, especially in confined areas such as marinas and in swell
and waves.

Interested in becoming a Boat Safe Training Provider or Operator?

Visit our enquiry page to find out more.

Interested in becoming a Boat Safe Training Provider or Operator?

Visit our enquiry page to find out more.

Frequent Questions

If English is not your first language, please let us know so we can discuss your special requirements.
The BoatSafe courses of RMDL &/or PWCL allow for the option of a translator or extra time, if required, but is important that you let us know at booking so this can be co-ordinated.

The BoatSafe ‘Statement of Competency’ is NOT a licence. 

Take your Statement of Competency to any Queensland Transport and Main Roads Office and pay their prescribed fee to have it endorsed on your driving licence. In Queensland it is a one-off fee.

As of as of 1 July 2022:

  • Recreational Marine Driver Licence (RMDL) = $123.85
  • Personal Watercraft Licence (PWCL) = $123.85


The Maritime Safety Queensland BoatSafe Licensing Scheme allows:

  • 2 attempts to attain 100% at the BoatSafe approved multiple choice theory tests
  • 1 attempt at an unassisted competency based practical assessment per day

Remember our focus is training you to a standard to pass

In Queensland you must be at least 16 years old. 
However, you can complete the course at 15 ½ years old.

Good news, in Queensland it is valid for life.

Candidates for RMDL or PWCL must declare any medical condition that may impact their ability to safely operate a vessel. All candidates must complete a medical fitness disclosure statement.

Some medical conditions which may affect the safe operation of a vessel: 

  • vision impairment 
  • hearing impairment 
  • cardiovascular condition 
  • psychiatric conditions 
  • musculoskeletal conditions that impede mobility or agility 
  • neurological disorders 
  • respiratory disorders 
  • dementia or Alzheimer’s disease 
  • insulin dependent diabetes mellitus 
  • moderate or severe sleep disorders.

A candidate who discloses a medical condition may, on agreement with the BTP, continue the BoatSafe training and assessment. 

The BTP must provide a candidate who discloses a medical condition with information on the medical fitness review process.

What We Do

We utilise fully approved BoatSafe online theory course. The online training covers the theory aspects of boating (& JetSki). Giving you the flexibility to complete the theory at home and at your own pace. It prepares you for the theory assessment.

Through this education tool it enables us to reduce classroom time and allowing you to move directly to the practical training components of the course.